The paper presents an assessment of organisation and economics of Polish crop farms, and their competitiveness has been defined against analogous farms from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. The assessment of researched farms was made on the basis of the Polish FADN and Europe- -wide FADN data of 2010-2012, bearing in mind economic size of farms expressed in EUR thousands of Standard Output (SO). The research used comparative method. Competitiveness of the researched farms was defined with the competitiveness ratio, which illustrates the relation between farm income and the sum of costs of using own factors of production (labour, land and capital. Research results point to a growth in the share of crop farms in the general number of farms. In 2013, the share amounted to 53%. It was stated that there is a positive relation between the economic size of a farm and the UAA, and the share of rented land, and negative relation between the economic size of a farm and labour inputs and value of assets per 1 ha of UAA. It was stated that labour productivity and efficiency as well as land and labour productivity grow, along with an increase in the economic size of farms. The Polish crop farms in individual economic size classes showed, on many occasions, greater competitive capacity as regards analogous farms from the researched countries.


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