In 2004-2014, cost of energy consumed in Polish agriculture (in current prices) increased by 50.9%, and energy inputs in TJ decreased by 6.9%. At the same time, value (in current prices) of global agricultural production increased by 51.9%, final production – by 65.6% and commercial production – by 67.7%, and in fixed prices – respectively, by 14.7%, 19.4% and 23.5%. Gross value added in current prices was by 61.7%, and in fixed prices by 7.8% higher than in 2004. Correlation between the value of production and costs of energy in agriculture (in current prices) is positive and the strongest when gross value added is the measure of agricultural production. The adjustment of the model (linear function) describing correlation was good or satisfactory, depending on the adopted category of agricultural production. Whereas the correlation between value of agricultural production in fixed prices and energy inputs in TJ is negative. The model adjustment is in this case unsatisfactory, no matter which category of agricultural production was taken into account.


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