1)Mahaicony Pig Farmers Add Value to Their Products 2)Global Value Chains and Trade in Value Added: Assessing the US Corn and Soya Contribution into the Caribbean Poultry Industry 3)Local Food Systems: U.S. Perspectives and Opportunities across the Caribbean 4)Climate Change and Adaption Measures: The Road to Increase Food Security in the Bahamas 5)Socioeconomic Assessment of Natural Disasters in the Caribbean Region: The Case of Grenada’s Nutmeg Industry 6)A Modeling Framework for Designing Innovative Sustainable Agricultural Land Systems: Application to Guadeloupe 7)Economics of Soil Conservation Practices in Northern Haiti 8)Site Suitability Model for Haitian Blue Coffee using Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (SMDA) 9)Are the Caribbean Ocean Areas within their Exclusive Economic Zones Healthy? 10) Comparing the Volatility of the International Prices of Cocoa, Coffee and Oil 11)The Environmental Impact of El Nino Southern Oscillation Forecasts 12)Supply of Industrial Round-Wood in Caribbean and Central American Countries 13)Satisfaction and Quality of Housing among Older Persons in Rural Trinidad 14) Assessing the Impact of Tariff Removal on the Africa’s Net Trade with the European Union 15) Experiences of The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture in Delivering its Technical Cooperation Programmes in Trinidad and Tobago and the Region 16) Analyzing Bilateral Trade using the Gravity Equation: Ex-Post Analysis of the Top Four African Exporting Countries to Europe 17) Stakeholders’ Perceptions of the Impacts of Community-Based Tourism Events in Saint Lucia: A Case of the Fish Fry Events 18)Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Household Food Expenditure in North Trinidad 19)Does Gender Play a Role? Determinants of Food Security among Low Income Households in North East Trinidad


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