Agritourism implies specific positive contributions towards the utilisation of natural resources and the stabilising of farm income at micro-level, as well as contributing towards broadening the experiences of visiting tourists. Within this arena of agritourism, the product route phenomena have a somewhat unique character in the sense that three goals are combined namely tourism, produce sales and product brand promotion. The wine routes of the Western Cape that evolved through the years each present a distinct character to its visitors. A study of these routes revealed various interesting facts about modus operandi, problems and achievements, which is of significant value to those interested in establishing similar routes. There seems to be similarities in the reasons for the establishment of each route, being mostly that of the regional promotion of brand names and the promotion of the area itself, as well as promoting product sales. This case study of the Western Cape wine routes provides sound principles and inputs for the development of both the local tourism and local agricultural sectors in the endeavour to improve the quality of life for all through a strong and healthy, sustainable agritourism sector.


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