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Cessation of financing the agriculture from the Central bank primary issue (1994) caused a need for finding out new financing source, both for working capital and fixed assets.This necessity is stressed even by the fact that resources of accumulation coming from agricultural economic subjects have been traditionally insufficient and with tendency of permanent decrease in an environment whereas agriculture had primarily role of social buffer. In more developed countries in market sense there have been already used to a great extent new financing modalities as the following: joint ventures, leasing, concessions, bonds issuing and sales, but also nonspecific financing forms as e.g. franchising, factoring and forfeiting. Economic subjects in Serbian agrarian economy should more use new financing modalities beside the traditional ones that were dominant so far (self-financing, crediting, sources without repayment obligations).Some of the new financing modalities have not been used so far, while the others have been used insignificantly. For the broader utilization of new financing modalities in agrarian economy of Serbia it is necessary to be established more favorable legal and system-related conditions as well as an economic environment


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