Agricultural sector have significant share in total foreign exchange, so, the results realized in this sector might have influence on total foreign trade balance enhancement and on balance of total national economy. Nearly half of total volume of agricultural and food products exchange is realizing with EU countries. With democratic changes in FRY, necessary prerequisites for using EU autonomous trade measures have been fulfilled. The exchange of agricultural products with EU is enhancing continuously, while export rise is faster, followed by trade balance suficite increment. In the paper have been analysed the results of agricultural and food products exchange in period 2000-2006. Derived data might be a base for a perception of foreign trade and agricultural policy tendencies in the future. Exchange improvement in the coming period might be expected, especially after Stabilization and Association Agreement ratification. SAA should ensure the persistence of preferential status, with retaining the existing sugar tariff quota, gradually increasing the beef and wine tariff quotas and with the request for cutting the EU export subsidies for the products exported to Serbia.


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