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More and more keeps encouraging and developing the organic production, based on natural methods, whose products, as healthy safer, are increasingly demanded on the market. This production is simultaneously in compliance with environment preservation and contributes to affirmation of generally accepted concept of sustainable development. The model of agriculture multifunctionality, adequate for improvement of rural development, has been accepted in EU, as integral part of its agrarian policy. As such, it is supported by budget sources both in countries – candidates and future candidates for EU membership, including Serbia. Here forgets that the multifunctionality method, observed in frames of economic activities diversification, in villages in this region, has existed since ever, as well as total agricultural production in those areas, until few decades ago, had represented organic production. Tradition and experience in application of organic production method in agriculture and development of multifunctional activities in the villages have been represented in this paper according to the author's memory on '50s of past Century and practice of village Otišić's inhabitants, located in Dalmatian Zagora, and had been turned into ashes and practically vanished.


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