In this paper, the development level of field crop production in municipalities of AP Vojvodina was observed, in the period from 1989 to 2008, through indicators of presence of harvested areas, total production and production per ha of main field crop cultures: wheat, corn, sugar beat, sun flower, clover and alfalfa. The tendency of change of observed traits of main field crop cultures was monitored. Ranking of the municipalities of AP Vojvodina is not uniform based on presence of observed field crop cultures. Therefore, Spearman correlation coefficient indicates medium, but statistically very significant level of compliance of formed rankings based on individual field crop cultures. Statistical significance was not demonstrated only in the case of presence of surfaces under sugar beat, clover and alfalfa, as well as sunflower and clover. Based on the test of the independence of the rankings, on the territory of the municipalities of AP Vojvodina, it was recorded that investigated field crop productions were mutually independent. Considering that the level of development of the municipalities of AP Vojvodina was analyzed through several indicators of field crop production for determination of the synthetic ranking which would show which of the municipalities is most developed in regard to observed field crop productions, Idistance was used in the paper.


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