The alignment of strategy and vision between government and member organisations in PisAgro is an important foundation to achieve market based Thought Leadership via an inclusive model. In practice, however, working across a large group of multi-stakeholders with different ideologies, working cultures and agenda is challenging. As projects progress from simple pilots to scale ups, the complexity of managing these projects increases, adding more pressure on limited management and field resources. In order to ensure scale-up sustainability and addressing project implementation complexities, the inclusive culture of leveraging strengths, expertise and sharing best practices of partners, have to be inculcated. Lastly, in the longer term, there must be continuity of strong leadership in the public and private sectors to drive the food security agenda. At the operational level, there must be stamina to complete the journey, supported by the courage of parent companies and donor organizations to continue to invest in market based opportunities to achieve crop productivity gains, farmer prosperity and environmental sustainability.


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