This paper presents the results of an empirical analysis of technological change and economies of scale in Danish agriculture. The estimation is based on a multi-output, multi-input translog cost function and covers the period 1973-1995. The results show that technological change varied considerably. The average rate of technological change was highest on arable farms (4.0% per year) and lowest on dairy farms (1.0% per year), with pig farms in between (2.2% per year). Alt three farm types showed an increasing trend in technological change over time, and technological changes were typically biased. The elasticity of size was considerably above 1 for both small and large arable farms and dairy farms indicating a considerable economic incentive to increase the farm size. For pig farms only the small farms showed a clear incentive to increase the farm size. The results support the hypothesis that policy measures have had a significant influence on the differences in development within the three farm types analysed.


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