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Generic promotions are becoming very important in the agro-food system, either to promote a particular food product or an origin labelled product. These promotions are difficult to balance because there are private and public interests. Sometimes, there are also conflicts among private aims. In most cases, the main objective is to enhance consumption. However, there can be other purposes such as introducing local producers into the modern channels of distribution. Very rarely, evaluations are carried out despite large expenditures on promoting. In this paper, an evaluation of a generic promotion campaign undertaken in Aragon (Spain) is presented. The campaign included wine and ham with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), a protected Geographical Indication (PG/) for lamb and a quality label (TSG) for different products. Their typical and traditional making nature as well as their high quality distinguish all of them. Data have been collected through questionnaires addressed to consumers and producing firms, and personal interviews with the distribution chains managers.


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