Political rent vs. investments and relationship between remuneration and labour productivity by agricultural producers. Budgetary considerations of competitiveness in agriculture. Analysis of competitiveness of the main farming types in Germany. Competitiveness of the Polish farms – growth factors. The assessment of the effects of the investment support scheme under Rural Development Programme in the Czech Republic. Input-output modelling to assess the impact of the CAP on small farms efficiency in Bulgaria. Projection of cereal and rape cultivation profitability by the year 2020 – a multi-variant approach. Special taxation modes in the Ukrainian agricultural sector. The role of international marketing in the process of increasing competitiveness of agricultural and food products. Food market diversification approach – Lithuanian case. Competitiveness of agri-food exports and decomposition of its changes in the period of the Polish membership in the European Union. Polish food demand in the shade of export’s successes. Sustainable development of agriculture in the light of the competitiveness paradigm. Rural development in the context of European integration of Ukraine. Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on the sustainability and competitiveness of Bulgarian vegetable production. Human capital – catalyst or limiting factor of rural Romania’s competitive capabilities. Human capital in structural transformations of Polish agriculture.


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