This paper explores the impact of HACCP implementation on U.S. fishery imports in 1997 and U.S. meat imports in 2000. To achieve this goal, we build a panel database of information on fishery and meat imports between U.S. and 248 partner countries from 1988-2006. Using AvW gravity model and estimating a difference-in-difference (DID) specification, we study how HACCP implementation in U.S impact the intensity and extensity of the USA fishery imports by truncated OLS, Heckman selection model with fixed effects methods. Results show that the HACCP implement increases the extensive margin effect of US fishery imports; the outcome equation demonstrates the enforcement of HACCP increases in U.S. fishery imports by 35.3% and 13.8%, but no effect in U.S. meat imports no matter what we use as a control.


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