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Impulsive purchase is defined as a consumer’s unplanned buying behavior, which is of significance in marketing and consumer behavior. They usually occur when consumers experience a sudden urge to purchase something immediately without additional substantive evaluation, and execute based upon that urge. This study exams the influence of shopping companions upon consumers, with a particular focus on impulsive behavior. Previous literature has indicated a significant correlation between emotion and consumer final purchase decisions. However, few researchers before conducted the study studied the influence of various companions and their influence on consumers impulsive purchasing. Around 2,400 participants joined in this survey, gave their responses of most frequent grocery shopping companions and usual responses to the suggestions from these companions. In addition, participants’ impulsiveness, emotion, and emotional level were tested and corresponding index was created. Results indicate that dad/mom and wife/husband were the two most frequent and influential grocery shopping companions. Participants were very likely to accept the impulsive suggestions from these two groups. As for the regression, multiple factors were found significant, while the results diverse when applying to different shopping companion groups.


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