The paper aims at assessment of the public funds support to investment activities of agricultural holdings and determination of how possible it was to fund the implemented investments without the state aid. The research was held in 2012 among 129 farms, which in 2004-2011 benefited from public financial aid in their investment activity. The selected farms were researched with the use of interview questionnaire concerning organisation of farms, obtained economic results and assessment of executed investments. To determine the possibilities of financing investments at researched farms without the public financial aid the linear programming method was used to develop models of farms, where public financial aid was replaced with commercial loan or own cash, if possible. It was decided that state aid in financing investments should be directed at farms likely to develop, which are not able to finance investments without state aid. Farms, which are too small to guarantee independent development in the future, and too large, which can gather up funds for investments without state aid, should be excluded from the support.


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