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The aim of the study is to evaluate the financing of environmental investments in Poland credited by the Bank of Environmental Protection (BOŚ) in the years 1991-2013. Authors conducted a research relating to the total amount, structure and distribution of resources granted by BOŚ. They indicated directions of financial measures allocation i.e. tasks, projects and achieved ecological effects in the field of environmental protection. A method of deduction was used. Information taken from the theoretical literature as well as legal and normative acts. Empirical data for comparative statistical analysis derived from documents and reports of the BOŚ Department of Ecology and Strategy. In the structure of loans granted by BOŚ in the years 1991-2013, 87% of the investments concerned the protection of the atmosphere, 10% – water conservation and water management, 2.5% – protection of the earth. Most often were used loans with subsidies (in cooperation with National Fund for Environmental Protection & Water Management – 26%), credit lines (23%) or the National Fund payments (21%). In terms of value (16 bln PLN – 40% of measures) dominated commercial investment loans. BOŚ activity in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) relates mainly to loans for the purchase and installation of solar collectors (81% of the contracts, of which 80% were signed in 2011-2013). The largest investments were wind turbines (1.4 bln PLN). Since 1991, 46% of energy from RES obtained in the years 2012-2013. Ecological effects of completed projects include reduction in pollutants’ emission: CO2 – 2.4 mill tons, SO2 – 0.5 mill ton, dust – 139 thous. tons, NOx – 44.5 thous. tons. Financial measures from BOŚ enabled to build wastewater treatment plants (with a capacity of 2.6 mill m3 /day) and sewage network (8.9 thous. km). Neutralized 6.9 mill tones of waste. In the structure of credit debt 31% is represented by RES, 9% refers to energy efficiency and 5% – modernization of technological processes


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