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The aim of the study was to determine the directions of changes in the production and use of maize in Poland in the years of 2000-2013, and to provide an estimate for harvest in 2030. In the reporting period, the production of maize increased from 9.23 to 40.4 million tonnes, which is the result of increasing a sown area by more than 400%. Poland is one of the major maize producers in Europe. In 2010, the average yield of maize in Poland amounted to 60 dt / ha, and was by 12% lower than the average yield for the 27 countries of the European Union (EU,) and by about 86% lower than in Belgium. Yield forecast was developed using a model CAPRI (The Common Agricultural Policy Regional Impact) for the reference scenario of socio-economic development. According to the model CAPRI, in 2030, an average 27% increase in maize yields is predicted in the 27 EU countries, as compared to 2010. In Poland, it is expected to increase by 26%, amounting to 76 dt/ha. The biggest growth index is predicted for Slovenia (↑ 68%), and the Netherlands (↑ 61%). Increases in yields will be possible through the implementation of new maize varieties adapted to changing climatic conditions, as well as the use of proper agricultural technology


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