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The speed of entrepreneurship development in monofunctional rural areas will be determined by microcompanies run by local entrepreneurs, since these areas do not possess sufficient assets to attract foreign investors. Micro-companies, which constitute 96% of all companies in Poland, lag considerably behind similar enterprises in the EU in terms of the economic potential. Micro-companies in polish rural areas are losing ground to micro- companies in the EU to a greater extent than shown by the national figures, both in terms of the average number of employees and productivity per one worker or per one company. Worse conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas as compared to cities and a lower level of education of rural entrepreneurs, who in many cases are oriented on survival rather than development, will influence the slow pace of development of rural entrepreneurship. The national policy of promoting the development of entrepreneurship should take into account different operating conditions of companies in rural areas, where the demand for assistance requires a different direction than in large urban areas.


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