The paper analyzes the change of trends and determine the degree of the territorial polarization of gross nitrogen balance in Poland, as an indicator of the impact of agricultural production on the environment. To assess the degree of territorial polarization the inclination angle of the trend line of attributes change was adopted (a = tgα). The observed differences in gross nitrogen balance between regions are still significant, however in the analyzed time period they were not worsened, but even got a small convergence of about 5.5o . The results of the analysis showed that since 2006, the surplus of gross nitrogen balance in Poland in general excees the level of 50 kg N/ha AL. It is mostly due to the increased intensity of agricultural production. In the regions of: Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lodz and Wielkopolska, which have a very high surpluses of nitrogen balance, high environmental pressure from agricultural production resulting from the excess of nitrogen fertilization should be expected.


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