In favor of a pesticide-free farming and against genetically modified seeds that do not fall into line to its production system, farmers in the semiarid of Paraíba state have prepared Community Seed Banks (BSC), which are part of a network called Seeds of Passion. This network is based on ideals of agroecology, agricultural practice alternative and sustainable ecological principles. The farmers who participate of this network constantly advocate a peasant identity and traditional, in opposition to modernization and capitalism. Therefore, thanks to the repetition of the need to effect the rescue of farmers tradition, we have as central object to reflect about the speech of tradition rescue propagated by agroecological farmers, by technicians who work with them and by those who write about this reality, seeking to understand, through an analysis of papers that deal with the experiences of the Seeds of Passion, what are the conditions of existence of the invention of this tradition and what is the purpose of promoting such redemption in a modern historical context. Finally, this tradition is not opposed to modernity and science, but it would be a way of developing and implementing distinct knowledge of the dominant standard of rationality.


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