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000231889 245__ $$aDeveloping the Metodology to Form Integrated Reporting of Agroholdings in the Russian Federation
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000231889 270__ $$mbalashova_nat@mail.ru$$pBalashova,   Natalia Nikolaevna
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000231889 520__ $$aThe article represents the efficient methodological principles on preparing the integrated reporting, as well
as the scheme of the agroholding coherently integrated registration system based on the analysis of the concept
and methodology in the field of the integrated reporting; it specifies "growth points" of the methodology
development and best practical applications of the concept of uniform reporting on a global scale. The authors
propose the developed by them "road map" on the organization process forming the integrated reports,
and define the guidelines on improving the process of preparing and quality of the integrated reporting
for the medium-term period.
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000231889 650__ $$aProductivity Analysis
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000231889 650__ $$aResearch Methods/ Statistical Methods
000231889 6531_ $$aMethodology of integrated reporting
000231889 6531_ $$auniform accounting system
000231889 6531_ $$aagro-industrial holdings
000231889 6531_ $$aorganization
of integrated accounting
000231889 6531_ $$aroad map
000231889 6531_ $$aguidelines on methodology development.
000231889 700__ $$aBalashova, Natalia Nikolaevna
000231889 700__ $$aŠilerová, Edita
000231889 700__ $$aMelikhov, V. A.
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