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000231867 245__ $$aTransformation Econometric Model to Multidimensional Databases to Support the Analytical Systems in Agriculture
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000231867 520__ $$aEconometric model application in farms is a very complex process requiring knowledge not only the economy but also statistical and mathematical methods in agriculture workers themselves. The solution may be an application of econometric problems in analytical decision support systems for farms managers. For such a solution is necessary to design a multidimensional database for support online analytical data processing (OLAP). This paper proposes a new method (called TEM-CM) for formal transformation of econometric model to the conceptual data model for creating multidimensional schemes. This new method allows to formalize the process of transferring production function in agriculture to multidimensional data model and thus contribute to a more efficient design of data warehouses and OLAP databases for decision support in the agricultural analytics systems.
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