This article is intended to discuss aspects of enterprise social networks for collaboration among actors in a territory of Chiapas, where the tomato production represents an activity that generates substantial revenue for the families of the main tomato-producing area in the State: the Comiteca Plateu (part of the territory of the municipalities of Comitan, La Trinitaria, La Independencia y Las Margaritas). The main tool of data analysis is the analysis of social networks-ARS (for its acronym in Spanish). Apart from the intuition of the researcher and the metaphor of the network, calculations with specialized software allow to clearly identify key players and the nature of the linkages established in the economic activity that is common to them. In their different interests and motivations, actors interface among them for different purposes, which define the nature of the relationship bond. Collaboration and learning are some of the reasons why agribusinessmen, specifically producers, establish ties with other. Relationships for collaboration is disaggregate in subnets, giving rise to different schemes on which rest the enterprise networks.


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