Production rentability was evaluated under greenhouse conditions in the “Agronegocio SPR de RL, El Sureño Invernaderos” located in the community of “El Carpintero” municipality of Villa de Arista, San Luis Potosí, México. It counts with 170 hectares, but only 60 hectares are cultivated under the protected agriculture technology. For such effect, 10 years projections were used to calculate the indicators of the economic evaluation, i.e. present net value (PNV), relation cost-benefit (C/B), net benefit-investment relation (K/N) and the internal return rate (IRT). PNV = $ 95, 694, 461.00; C/B = 1.24; K/N = 5.43 and IRT = 51.02%. Results indicate that “Agronegocio el Sureño Invernaderos “ is profitable from the economic point of view. This indicates that due to the production under the protected agriculture technology, the company has a great opportunity of business, for having its market insured, with an 80% for exportation, and 20% of the remaining production are sold in the national market through agreements with the distributors and owned warehouses in the market on Mexico City


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