This research project was carried out so as to know the channels and margins of commercialization of the manzano chilli in the Estado de México. The research method consisted in identifying production regions and producers such as: Coatepex Harinas, Toluca, Villaguerrero, Zacango, Valle de Bravo Tenancingo, Calimaya and Texcatitlan. Direct observation and visits to producers and distributors were made, to request them to answer a market research in order to register the sale price in distribution centers or markets. The captured information was analyzed and allowed to identify that four agents that come into play in the commercialization process, such as: local wholesale suppliers, wholesale dealers, retailers and final consumers. Based on these findings, the margins were calculated by the proposed method by García, et. al.,1990, for the four routes found in the main market of Iztapalapa, in Mexico City, and the main markets of Ecatepec, Toluca and in the local market of Coatepec Harinas. The margins show that the more local vendors, wholesalers and intermediaries, the fewer profit margins for the producer are found as a result of the increment of the resale price.


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