The environment and food relations are highly complicated and interrelated with so any development issues. Therefore, this study presented the subject, in sequences, under several dimensions. These dimensions are (I) Environment and food production. This dimension covers some aspects, which are the land resources and food production, hoernal lakes and food production, water resources and food production, weather changes and food production, and also the industrial development and food production. (2) The environmental standards and foreign trade of food, which includes the following aspects( packaging standards, environmental taxes and penalties, environmental labeling systems, and ISO-14000 series. (3) Organic fertilizers as new opportunities for food exports development of developing counties. (4) An analytical presentation of the environmental agreements approved by WTO members, which are the technical standards agreement and sanitary and phyto-sanitary agreement, (5) The advantages and disadvantages of applying e unique international food trade standards. (6)The last issue is the social appraisal for the impacts of food market's con.) systems.


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