Farm surveys in 1985 in Joydebpur, Nawabganj, Chandina, Daudkandi, Dhamrai and Manikgonj showed that yield gaps were about 1.3 t/ha in Boro, 1.0 t/ha in Aus and 0.7 t/ha in T. Aman. About 63-76% of the yield gap resulted from the low use of fertilizers. Among farmers who believed higher use of fertilizers could increase their yields, the majority of them could not adequately fertilize for want of hand cash or for the high price of fertilizers. The estimated per hectare cash cost of production for growing modern moieties of rice during 1985 was Tk. 10,965 for Boro, Tk. 5,416 for Aus and Tk. 4,525 for T. Aman. The maximum amount of credit so far received by the survey farmers did not, however, exceed Tk. 2,560/family. A significant portion of credit was spent to meet consumption seeds. A larger proportion of small T. Aman producers re- paid their loan compared to medium and large producers.


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