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The purpose of this article is to verify impact variables on international demand for beef between January 1995 and June 2013. The method used was Ordinary Least Squares with Breaks, obtaining 4 breaks, 5 regimes. The independent variables in the regression were the domestic and export prices of beef, chicken and pork, besides income and the exchange rate. In the first regime, the demand for beef was elastic with regard to prices, both internal and external, the domestic chicken and beef prices. However, income elasticity was more significant. In the second regime, the relation of export prices was inelastic. The income elasticity was significant in this regime and the exchange rate had a significant impact. In the third regime, the demand was inelastic to export prices of chicken and beef and inelastic to domestic prices of the same meat. The exchange rate also had a significant impact. In the fourth regime, the demand was elastic to its domestic price and inelastic in relation to external and internal prices of chicken. The income becomes significant again. In the fifth regime, demand is elastic to the external price of pork, domestic bovine price and income. There was a significant increase trend in the second regime and recession in the first and third regimes.


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