This study aimed at estimating farmer's attitudes towards agricultural mechanization in Upper Egypt (Minia Governorate) and Lower Egypt (Sharkia Governorate). An applicable measure for such purpose was quantified, verified and its sam¬pling distribution was investigated. Impacts of region, type of field crop and farm mechanization level on farmer's attitudes towards mechanization were statistically tested. Association and/or effe¬cts of specified social, economical and demographic features of the farmer on the farmers' attitudes towards mechanization were also estimated and sta-tistically verified. A sample survey was conducted and a sample of 200 farmers, 100 from Minia and another 100 from Sharkia was drawn, using the pro¬per sampling technique. The sample was from three districts and 9 villages from the two governorates. Parametric as well as non-parametric statistical tests were used whenever applicable. The conventio¬nal level of significance was used here for sta¬tistical inference of the study hypothesis. The conventional level of significance was used here for statistical interference of the study hypothesis. The results showed a low proportion of the far¬mers who have high attitudes towards agricultural mechanization i.e. 26.5%.Neither the region nor the


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