Different morphometric characters such as total length (TL), standard length (SL), head length (HL), eye diameter (ED), body depth (BD), pre-orbital length (POL) were measured on Glossogobius giuris collected from Mithamoin haor showed that percentage growth value of SL, BD, HL, ED and POL were higher in female. A linear relationship was found between total length and morphometric characters and these also showed significant positive correlation (p<0.001) between dependent and independent variables. The length-weight relationships of G. giuris were calculated for males, females. The relationship was analyzed using the formula W=aLb after transform into straight-line equitation. The equation obtained for male was; Log W = 2.757 Log TL – 1.757; for female; Log W = 2.843 Log TL – 1.868. The regression coefficients (b) between males and females did not show any significant difference (p>0.05) while b value significantly deviated from the expected cube value of 3 in case of male only thus indicating negative allometry. However, relative condition factor (Kn) of G. giuris computed for female was 1.009 ± 0.124 and for male was 1.016 ± 0.199, which suggest the specimen were healthy and in good condition. All this variation between male and female may be due to spawning cycle or other physiological activities or environmental factors.


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