The present article has two objectives. The first one is to give an update of thc literature concerning sector-based and territorial regulation after the publication of the book "Théorie de la régulation, l'état des savoirs" (1995). Tnue new contributions are 0r ganlsed around the nltilns of'productive configuration' and'governance structure', the fornter bringing up the problens regarding the boundaries of the regulation sphere and the plurality of^productive clnfigurations, and the latær intrlducing the dynanics of collective action. uonsequently there two notions call for a re reading of the regulationist approach which not only involves c and stratesic. )ur second objectivt is to French auricul ture during the period of appropriate for ducribing a plurality of configurations In contrast t0 the representation of a fordist agri culture as a unique productivist configuration regulated by sector-based institutions, our interpretative hypothesis is based on twl clexisting prlductivist agricultura) systems, a first one nade up of nedjun-sized farms supported by the devdopnent of industrial capital and a second one c\nsisting of large-sized farns sæking t0 prltect thenselves fron industrial capita).


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