Farm mechanization as one of the basic elements of development is considered among the objectives of Arabic integration. This integration has its economic, social and political aspects. The current study focused its aim at analyzing and extraction the effects of the Arabic integration in manufacturing farm machines. The study applied the extraction approach depending on the published data The following results were concluded from the study: 1. Current basis of manufacturing agricultural machines and implement are, Motet size, satisfaction market needs, percentage of local component, feeding industries and technical expertise. 2. Incentives due to establishing Arabic manufacturing of agric. machines and - implement are: Effect of mechanization on the increase of production, income, chances of employment, reducing costs and feasibility of investment agric. mechanization 3. Obstacles that hinder the growth of Arabic integration in manufacturing machines and implements social obstacles, high prices of C1.0111 services, small size of farm, unbalanced demand and supply, seasonality of demand, limited exploitation of capacity of machines, negative effects of farm mechanization on family labor force, weakness of Arabic base of production, weakness of integration relation and productive sector, absence of coordination in economic policies, financial obstacles and weakness of import policies. 4. Towards establishing an farm machinery industry in Egypt and Arab world, Necessity to market studies, development of small industries, maintaining Arabic coordination to benefit of accumulated experience, implementing the capabilities of Arab organization of industrialization, showing the Arabic economic aggregation, rural development and setup developed financial policies.


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