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Tourism is an essential industry promoting economic development of Nyingchi and also plays a great role in national economy. Increasing people’s income and improving living conditions are starting points of promoting tourism development. This survey indicates that tourism in Nyingchi develops rapidly, growth rate of tourists is slightly lower than growth rate of income, and per capita tourist consumption is also increasing. Comparative analysis indicates that tourist resources, traffic condition, tourism propaganda intensity, development intensity of relevant products, and seasonal factor have significant influence on ensuring supply and increasing income of farmers. Further analysis shows that low educational level, weak basic tourism knowledge, backward tourism sanitation, and lagging tourist service infrastructure are major problems and obstacles. Resource advantages of scenic spots, setting foot on structural adjustment of characteristic industry, developing specialized farmer cooperatives and leading enterprises, and deeply exploring intension of tourist culture are major approaches for ensuring supply and increasing income of farmers. In sum, it is urgent and important to strengthen ability of ensuring supply and increasing income in improving people’s living conditions and promoting tourism development.


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