The subject of the article is political participation of rural female leaders involved in the work of local action groups. Previous analyses (disregarding the sex category) proved that the members of those organisations are politically active, but did not show whether women involved in their work were active (and if so, to what extent) – especially in the context of the low level of political participation of women living in villages. The aim was to provide the answer to the question whether the political activity of female members of local action groups can influence the form of local political relations. The article presents the results of sociological research involving a direct survey in Wielkopolskie and Podkarpackie voivodeships carried out in 2012 on the sample of 125 female members of local action groups. The majority of them displayed an average level of political participation. What distinguished the respondents against the background of women living in the country was their critical attitude to the local authorities. Many of them declared the will to stand for the next self-governmental election, among others to change the commune management.


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