The aim of the study was to asses the fi nancial situation of municipalities in the terms of variable macroeconomic conditions. Ratio analysis and correlation analysis of variables (budget indicators) were used. Deterioration in the fi nancial situation of the municipalities in the period 2008-2012 related to the slowdown of the GDP growth has been shown. The analysis of indicators proved that the fi nancial crisis affected most negatively the fi nances of local governments in 2009-2010, subsequently adjustment measures took place. The fi nancial independence of municipalities and their propensity to invest decreased signifi - cantly. The crisis at the earliest and most substantially affected the biggest cities due to the high dependence of their budgets on tax revenue. Confi rmation of this relationship was also correlation analysis between current income and operating surplus of local governments. The deteriorating fi nancial condition and growing debt can cause an increase in the level of the fi nancial risk assumed by the municipalities.


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