The aim of the study was to evaluate the changes in the number of plants and fl owers wholesale companies in Poland. Analyses focused on the number of fi rms engaged in wholesale trade and the structure of employment in these companies. The investigations also included the location of the analysed companies in relation to the number of people in each voivodeship. Research period covered the years 2002-2012. The fi rst year of the analysed period was referred to as of 100%. The dynamics of changes and average annual changes in the number of existing companies and start-ups were analysed. The Główny Urząd Statystyczny yearbooks, and i.a. the ones of the Polska Klasyfi kacja Działalności [the abbreviation in Polish: PKD], served as data sources. The performed investigations reveal that the number of fi rms of the discussed line of business in the investigated period increased very clearly and this rise took the form of a linear trend. What is more, the number of the wholesale companies in particular voivodeships matched the agglomerations of consumers.


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