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The study generates a case study model for social project appraisal that simulates the economic treatment of a depletable resource, environment protection from pollution effects and public goods damage. The project is a high dam project that generates a an "environmental friendly technology" for energy creation "Hydroelectric" that saves a depl eted fuel and reduces the premature death probability and it preserves water for i rrigating additional newly reclaimed land for agricultural production. Although, this model simulates the comparable one in Egypt, its volume and figures were simplified here for several reasons. The study is interest in building up a model to test its validity for further applications, rather than to restrict it to access the feasibility or validity of the High Dam, as the protection of Egypt from drought several times within the last three decades was enough evidence to judge how valid was the decision to establish it. The externalities of the actual "Aswan" high dam are much more beyond what presented here.


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