In order to study the county scale land use structure during the rapid urbanization and more accurately grasp the dynamic process of land use and cover change, we combine GIS technology with CLUE-S model to research the spatial pattern change of land use in Yongchuan District of Chongqing City. The results show that the forest and farmland were main land use types going through changes in Yongchuan District during 2000—2010, accounting for more than 90% of the total area in each year; during 2000—2010, the urban area was significantly increased, an increase of 16.11%, and the urban area during 2005—2010 was changed more dramatically than during 2000—2005; forest area was slightly increased and farmland area was reduced by 1660 hm2 in 10 years. We set three scenarios on land use change in Yongchuan District for simulation and compare the predicted results. It can be concluded that driven by rapid urbanization, the change in land use landscape pattern in Yongchuan District is mainly focused on forest and farmland, the urban area is substantially increased, and the forest area also shows an increasing trend while the farmland area is reduced accordingly. Under ecological protection scenarios, the land use type having a protective effect on the ecological environment achieves better control effect.


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