The 21st century is the time of brand strategy showing its position and importance in operation of enterprises. Rapid rise of the brand strategy in operation and management of enterprises has profound social and operation background. The development process of brand strategy also reflects evolution of market economy. A country’s cultural influence power depends on its brand equity. An essential task of brand promotion for a county is to narrow the gap between original image and target image, change the past or one-sided image of the public to products of the country, and implement effective communication and propaganda with the aid of related resource system in the country's soft power, and accept new excellent image. Fundamentally, lifting national soft power is to set up distinct and charming national brand or national image. The influence power with culture and communication as core is the direct manifestation of a country’s core competitiveness. Brand is an outstanding feature of a country’s strength. Brand stretching can promote liftoff of national economy. In expanding international market, famous brands will play a more and more important role.


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