The article analyzes inequalities in income and expenditure distribution of farmers’ households in Poland along with the households operating small (up to 5 ha UAA) and large (30 ha UAA and more) farmsteads. The underlying microdata came from the Household Budget Survey conducted by Polish Central Statistical Office in 2010. The analysis of inequalities employed quintile share ratio (S80/S20), Gini index and empirical distribution in expenditure groups formed as tenths of the national median. Two approaches to the quantification of inequality were considered : one based on disposable income, the other on total expenditures. Median income of farmers’ households constituted 82%, while median expenditures 88% of the respective national medians. The analysis of expenditure based measures showed that inequality among farmers’ households did not differ much from the inequality among all Polish households. The households operating small farmsteads exhibited less within inequality than households operating large farmsteads or the body of all Polish households.


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