Zachodniopomorskie province, lying in Western Pomerania, has numerous natural values, specialist and anthropogenical attractive for tourists. It is well developed region for needs of touristic movement and realizing the different forms of tourism. On the rural areas is very popular rural tourism and agritourism from many years. The owners of farms offer the guests the varied services, which prices are very diverse. The aim of this paper was to analyse the prices of services in chosen agritourism farms located in Zachodniopomorskie province. It was executed on basis of purposeful selection of 360 offers, which were accessible in Internet for potential tourists. In hugged investigations farms owners passed first of all the price of basic services: night’s lodging, which they be comprised in compartment for 15 PLN to 130 PLN (88.1% farmers) and rarely nutritional (8.6 % farmers). Affirmed also, that the offers were incomplete under in relation to prices and the description of testified services.


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