The main aim of the fairs was to know the exposers’ opinions on the significance of the participation in the Biofach fairs. During the research, there was also the evaluation of some particular exposers’ stalls and there were defined the sources of funding of the participation in the fairs. The research was conducted in the Fair Centre in Nuremberg in 2004 and 2014. The selection of the deliverers was purposeful. During the research, there were used: the method of direct surveillance, participating surveillance, and the study of random. During the research, it was estimated that, in 2004-2014, during the fair events, the number of the visitors and the exposers rose up, and, additionally, the assortment of the offered products was changed. All the analysed exposers found the trade function as the basic fairs’ function. The stalls of the evaluated exposers were prepared well or distinctively. In addition, in the article, there was shown the definition, the classification of the functions of the fairs, and the Biofach fairs were characterised.


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