The aim of this study is to show the differences in world production and consumption of meat (pigmeat, beef and poultry meat) in the last decade, i.e. in 2003-2013. Within that period, the world production of those three main types of meat increased from 208.6 to 257.6 million tonnes, thus rising by 1.9% annually. The production of poultry meat recorded the highest annual growth (3.1%), with the production of pigmeat increasing at a lower rate (by 1.8% annually), and the production of beef growing at the slowest pace, by only 0.7% annually. Asia is the largest producer of pigmeat (ca 54%), whereas the largest beef production is recorded in both Americas, accounting for ca ¼ of the world production each. North America is the leading producer of poultry meat (27% of the world production). Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are regions with the highest meat deficit and, consequently, they are the largest importers of meat. Poland accounts for ca 1.4% of the world production of pigmeat, beef and poultry meat, being the sixth largest meat producer in the European Union.


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