The area of organic products every day takes a bigger mature, it is an emergent market that needs to be regulated, which turns this scenario to a complicated adoption due to the lack of uniformity in its different areas such as cultivation, production, transformation and the different processes involved in the value chain of each commercialized products, the existing legislation demands to the producers to obtain different certifications to fulfill each one of the norms that exist in the different regulations in national and international markets. Nowadays, it has been established organic products markets in different parts of Mexico, which conform part of the expansion for production and commercialization of organic products, this contributes to the population to expand their knowledge about this topic, creating a consumerism culture and generating new post-materialist attitudes towards the environmental care. This work gives a real background of how is perceived the selling and consuming organic vegetables market, the knowledge of organic vegetables, the concepts and perceptions that population has about this topic, which is very important since it’s useful to detect opportunity and holding areas, as to give necessary information to take decisions and to implement or not to implement agribusiness, same ones dedicated to commercialization of organic products in Delicias, Chihuahua.


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