Today, it is of vital importance to consider the successful examples that handle, in a sustainable way, the natural resources, and the Indigenous Community of New San Juan Parangaricutiro, object of study, is a national and international example of the utilization of the forest resources and his derivatives, also of the resources that relate to this one, like the landscape, the water and the frutal trees, among others. The question that comes to mind is: how the organizational culture determines the interior of the productive managerial system and the different ways of managing the forest resources and the recognition on a national and international scale. Therefore, it is our goal to identify the relation between the variables of the organizational culture of the system of companies of the indigenous community “San Juan Parangaricutiro, Michoacán” and the different ways of forest managing by the situational analysis, which apply an instrument that rescues the organizational culture in the leadership, functional organic structure, communication, professionalization, entailment, formalization, innovation and technology.


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