The farmers' income growth in Rongchang County is mainly from the family business and wage income, accounting for 55.4% and 37.9%, respectively; the growth rate of rural per capita net income increased from 12.4% in 2005 to 17.6% in 2010, close to or higher than Chongqing's average but lower than the level of adjacent districts and counties such as Yongchuan; the absolute value of net income in Rongchang increased from 3426 yuan to 6755 yuan, less than in other districts and counties similar to Yongchuan in Chongqing, far less than in the other three municipalities (up to 6991 yuan). The slow farmers' income growth is affected by multiple factors such as overall low quality of the rural labor force, county industrial structure and difficulties in transferring a large number of rural surplus labor forces. It is necessary to improve the quality of farmers, strive to adjust the agricultural structure, and develop rural cooperative economic organizations, in order to increase farmers' income.


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