The present study was undertaken to examine the value addition and supply chain management for women-led Aman seed business. Data were collected from sixty women and six intermediaries who are randomly selected. It reveals that Aman seed production was profitable and the value addition per hectare was Tk.21981 whereas the farmer earned TlL 11213 depending on seed preserved. The BCR was greater than one, which also indicated profitability. The value addition by seed company, dealer, retailer and Bepari were Tk.3203, Tk.1426, Tk.1800 and Tk.5365 per tonne respectively. Seventy one percent seed was sold at home. Most of the farmers received information and technical support from RDA. To reduce the inefficiency in the supply chain a PPP model was suggested. For better development of women entrepreneurs, provision of logistical support, strategy and policy formulation and well coordination among GO, NGO and private organization is necessary to make the seed business viable.


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