We analyze the configuration of the Mexican Innovation System Agrifood Sector (SNIA). The information generated in a workshop with national experts was systematized to build a matrix containing the list of stakeholders in the SNIA, their relationships and their intensity. To classify information, ordinal scales were applied and calculated network measures called degree centrality and density, using the software Ucinet©; also performed a graphical analysis of networks, using the Net Draw© software. The study demonstrates that the SNIA transcends the conception of the research system, because it includes both participants in the production chain as government actors and those related to the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). The results support the SNIA of Mexico is dis jointed because its actors have limited interaction. The generators of knowledge in research centers and universities are more motivated to produce academic results that by intervening in the effective resolution of problems in the sector, this primarily by prevailing incentives. We conclude that innovation policy in this sector needs a thorough review to promote its effective implementation and better social and regional distribution of its benefits.


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