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000200116 246__ $$aPerformance analysis of tuna in the municipalities of Nopaltepec and Axapusco, State of Mexico.
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000200116 520__ $$aThe prickly pear is a product with origin in Latin America and that was led by the conquerors to other continents that were eligible for cultivation. Mexico has the highest diversity and abundance of species (around 80) and prickly pear cultivars worldwide, so it is regarded as a center of origin and spread of the plant. The production potential of this crop is due to the wealth of genetic material, to the surface dedicated to do so and the many climates where the ground has been established. By 2010, in Mexico there were 415,086 tons, particularly in the State of Mexico, it accounted for 43.0% of national production. The study was conducted in
the municipalities of Nopaltepec and Axapusco that are located in the Orient region of the state. The methodological tool which was used for the analysis of profitability is the Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM), in order to quantify the profitability of the tuna production in the
affected municipalities. The results obtained show that the producers were profitable production for the 2011 production cycle, production units Nopaltepec do a better management of
orchards Axapusco producers, therefore, have higher incomes as well as make greater investments activities also. It generated a significant economic benefit in the purchase of tradable inputs and domestic factors where manual labor is the most important, so the fruit is very demanding labor by the nature of the process of obtaining the product.
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