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000198204 245__ $$aDepletion of a Ground Water Source: The Role of Irrigation Technology Adoption
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000198204 520__ $$aUnder irrigated conditions agricultural producers are expected to adjust their crop patterns,
irrigation systems, and production practices as ground water tables decline and irrigation costs increase.
This study provides insight into the efficient path of irrigation technology adoption and the implications
associated with this process. It is shown that: (a) the efficient crop pattern is related to the ground water
supply condition; (b) declines in the proportion of high water requirement crops produced are rapid with
high pumping lift and thin saturated thickness; and (c) declines in saturated thickness appear to have a
greater impact on crop pattern and irrigated acreage than do increases in pumping lift. Furthermore, it is
shown that the adoption rate of advanced irrigation systems is expected to be higher the more abundant is
the ground water source.
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